Trauma Therapy

All of us experience some degree of trauma in our lifetime. Sometimes we are able to “bounce back” from these experiences, and sometimes we are left feeling stuck and uncertain how to move forward. If you are having difficulty moving forward from a experience that was traumatic for you, big or small, I will provide you with a safe environment where you will have the opportunity to explore and address these injuries. Combining a holistic view and knowledge of neuropsychology, I take great care in supporting those who have experienced trauma move into a new space of empowered and resilient healing.

The most crucial goals of trauma therapy are typically:

  • To face the reality of the past event without getting stuck in it

  • To reduce or eliminate trauma symptoms

  • To work toward shifting focus from the past to the present

  • To improve daily functioning

  • To reclaim your personal power

  • To overcome addictions associated with traumatic stress

  • To gain skills that promote resiliency

Healing... It doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means that the damage no longer controls our lives.
trauma therapy