Self-Exploration. Growth. Healing.

Therapy for Adolescents, Adults and Couples


Cyla Fisk

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #IMF103482 Under the Supervision of Dr. Nancy Vogt #PSY17882

~Offering a safe space regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, or ability~





Whether you are starting out a new relationship, about to get married, been together for several years, or considering separation, I'm here to help.

Trauma Therapy

If you have experienced a recent traumatic event, I can help you learn to cope in this extremely difficult time. If you have already been trying to cope with the effects of trauma, let me help move into a space of empowerment and resilient healing.

Creatives and Young Professionals

Are you one of the many musicians, artists, designers, performers, writers, etc. here in Los Angeles struggling to bring your creative dreams to life? Are you a young adult aspiring to grow in your identity, career, and self-confidence?





The Better Self

Thoughts, Research, Inspiration, and Psychoeducation to Promote Self-Exploration, Growth, and Healing.



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